David Beckham and Tom Cruise have seemingly been best buddies ever since the newly retired football superstar moved to the MLS to join LA Galaxy all those years ago, and it seems that their friendship has stood the test of time as the pair were spotted out on a man-date with their kids at the recent Los Angeles Kings vs San Jose Sharks NHL game.

The pair almost managed to get through the whole game without being spotted too, but the ever-watchful eye of the kiss-cam managed to catch Becks as he was sat with his daughter, Harper, in the VIP stands. Becks gave his daughter a smooch on the side of the head as the camera panned out to reveal that not only was Becks and his daughter there, but he was there with his wife Victoria Beckham and three sons as well as Cruise and his son, Connor.

The game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday (May 28) may have ended in victory for LA, but the talking point after the game was definitely the appearance from Becks and Harper on the kiss cam rather than anything sports-related.

The Beckhams may have had some excellent seats to enjoy, right at the front of the house, but it was clear that their Hollywood credentials still aren't a match compared to Cruise, who sat one row in front of the family, so close to the ice he could probably feel it. Then again, they do say that Americans still don't get football, after all, they still insist on calling it soccer.

David Beckham Harper
David and Harper made sure hearts melted in the Staples Centre

Tom Cruise Oblivion
Tom is still the bigger cheese in LA