David Beckham is gunning to be an actor.

The football icon turned his hand at acting with a cameo in short 'Outlaws' and next year he has a part in pal Guy Ritchie's film 'Knights of the Roundtable' and fans have even taken to social media urging David to be the next 007.

One follower tweeted: ''People talking about Idris Elba. But for me, David Beckham is the perfect role to be a James Bond 007. And he is British (sic).''

While another wrote: ''Wouldn't it be awesome if David Beckham be the next James Bond (sic).''

However, the 40-year-old hunk doesn't want to be one of those sports stars who rushes into a career in the movies and fails, but said he has ''loved'' the small roles he has had so far.

He told The Times newspaper: ''I am very aware that many sportsmen and other celebrities have turned their hand to acting and failed. But what I have done so far I have loved.''

The former Manchester United and Real Madrid footballer is sure he is doing well so far as a film star because Madonna's ex-husband wouldn't cast him if he ''thought I was going to ruin it'', but also admitted he'd ''love to do more'' despite not wanting to dive into roles which are ''too big for me''.

He added: ''[Guy] wouldn't put me in a film if he thought I was going to ruin it.I had 13 lines and practised a huge amount.

''I would love to do more, but I can't just jump into roles that are too big for me. I want to build up my experience and see where it takes me.''