David Beckham was a "small and skinny" kid who was always picked last for sports teams.

The former footballer opened up about his own experiences as a youngster playing sport in new Disney Plus documentary series 'Save Our Squad' which shows him mentoring the Westward Boys team from East London who play in the Echo Junior Football League - the same league in which David started his own football career.

One scene shows a boy called Orlando being picked last, and when David asks the team's coach why the boy was left until the end the man explains it's because he is "quiet".

David then goes on to give a rousing speech to the team, explaining he was regularly picked last for teams because of his small statue as a youngster.

In a clip published by DailyMail.com, he told the group: "There's always going to be a first pick and a last pick, that's just what it is. When I was your age, I was always picked last, always. Do you know why? Because I was the smallest, I was the skinniest and no one really wanted me on their team, that's how it was. But you know what, I worked hard."

The former England captain went on: "If you want to be the best in any job, in any field you go into, you have to be hungry. Are you going to show me and the coaches how hungry you are?"

The documentary series is due for release from November 9 and it will show David taking the team under his wing as they battle against relegation at the bottom of their league.

A recently released teaser for Save Our Squad showed David declaring: "I want to help them to win, that's why I'm back."

He previously said of the show: "It is fantastic to... shine a light on the kind of grassroots football that I experienced, which gave me so much at the start of my life in the game... I was so fortunate to have a long and successful playing career and now to have the opportunity to give back to these communities as a mentor is incredible.

"Developing and nurturing young talent is so important in the game and it is great to be working with Disney Plus on this project."