David Beckham has numerous promotional campaigns with various companies but none of them raise the heartrates of women across the nation more than his underwear line with H&M. Becks has uploaded some photos from his latest shoot onto Facebook. Some people are questioning: Is this Beckham's sexiest ad ever? 

"I'm excited about the new H&M campaign directed by Guy Ritchie... the campaign will launch in early Feb'." He said, via Facebook. In many respects Guy Ritchie seems a truly odd choice to direct a 'sexy' ad campaign. While Snatch is a hugely enjoyable film, it's about as far from 'sexy' as any film can get - Jason Statham's stilted dialogue entirely detracts from his looks. However, as the Mirror reminds us, Ritchie 'was the man who brought us Sienna Miller in suspenders". There's hope yet.

Beckham has modelled underwear before, along with his wife, for Armani in a memorable black and white campaign. This ad will see him wearing khaki pants and a black vest running through the gardens of Beverly Hills, showing off his tattoos and athletic physique. As the Sun reports, Guy said "For me this felt more than a campaign - it was like directing a short film."  Adding that Becks was "the perfect leading man."