It's a big day for fans of David Beckham. It's a huge day for fans of David Beckham's body. Hot on the heels of the confirmation that the British footballer will sign for French side Paris-Saint Germain, Beckham's latest ad for his bodywear range at H&M has emerged online. Directed by Guy Ritchie, the sleek clip sees Beckham running through Los Angeles in his briefs and, well, not much else.

Beckham launched a successful line of undergarments and loungewear in partnership with H&M a year ago and featured in a Super Bowl commercial that saw him in a tank top and boxers. In the new Guy Ritchie commercial, Beckham is seen waving off his kids to school in a dressing gown and slippers. But, what's this? Oh no! He gets his gown trapped in the door of the Land Rover (presumably driven by Victoria), which speeds off to the kids' nearby school. So, instead of phoning his wife and telling her about the funny thing that just happened with the dressing gown and asking her to un-trap it from the door, Beckham decides to sprint after the car, in his boxers!

The former Los Angeles Galaxy star is seen hopping over his garden fence, running through a tennis court, interrupting a game of garden soccer and swimming through a woman's pool before finally given up the chase (sort of). A packed tour bus is on-hand to catch Beckham in his underwear, obviously. 

The bouncy video is set to Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) by Foster The People