The former Los Angeles Lakers player, who is the estranged husband of Kim Kardashian's sister Khloe, was found unconscious in a brothel on Tuesday (13Oct15) after three days of partying and alleged drug abuse.

Reports suggest Odom is still in a critical condition, but there are signs of life. And, as his family members and friends gather by his bedside, retired soccer star Beckham and Lakers legend Johnson are keeping him in their thoughts and prayers.

Beckham has taken to Instagram to share his support for his pal, posting a picture of Lamar in his L.A. Lakers uniform and adding the words, "Stay strong brother."

Meanwhile, Magic tells ABC News, "Lamar... is a better human being than he is a basketball player.

"He's helped so many people, whether it's the homeless, or somebody who needs some money to pay their rent.

"Some young rookies, who came to play on (sic) the Lakers didn't earn that much money and he would buy them their new suits and he would buy cars for people who needed transportation; that's who Lamar Odom is..."

The retired basketball great adds, "I really hope that he pulls through... He's helped so many people and now it's our time to help him."

Odom's estranged wife and members of the Kardashian clan have flown out to Nevada to be with the ailing sportsman and Kim Kardashian has reportedly scrapped plans for a baby shower party this weekend (16-18Oct15) so the family can focus on sister Khloe's husband.

Other tributes and social media support for Odom has come from fellow basketball stars Derek Fisher, Dwyane Wade and Kris Humphries, who was briefly married to the sportsman's sister-in-law Kim. He tweets, "Everyone please pray for @RealLamarOdom to make it through this. Great player, even better person!"

Wade adds, "PRAYERS all the way UP for my brother Lamar Odom... On my knees praying... please God let him pull thru (sic)."

Support has also poured in from singer Kelly Rowland, Fantastic Four star Miles Teller and Oprah Winfrey, who tells U.S. news show Extra she was "devastated" to hear Lamar was fighting for his life.

"It reminded me of having to deal with drugs in my own family... It is a battle that you can't win until they decide they want to win. In my own family we lost that battle; I put my sister through rehab twice, she came out of rehab and went right back on Oxycontin and there it was, gone, dead.

"I know how frustrating it is, because you want to be able to help, you want to be able to do something."