David Beckham with his family

David Beckham and the rest of his clan, including wife Victoria. A group of walking billboards if ever there were

With H&M revealing their latest David Beckham ad, it looks like the world's most marketable footballer is set to get tongues wagging again, with the former England international and newly-signed Paris Saint-Germain recruit stripping down to his pants and proving that, aged 37, he's still got it when it comes to the looks department. But we can drool over Becks all day, how about some of his other great ads? We've had a bit of a trawl through Youtube and, whilst we'd never go as far as to call ourselves the authority on Beckham ads (though we'd certainly insinuate it) here are five that we reckon are among his most memorable. 

5. Burger King (2012)

David's no po-faced sport star, he's always been a man who enjoys a laugh - even at his own expense. This amusing Burger King ad sees the footballer getting shown the fast food giant's new range of smoothies, only for him to press the blender button before putting the lid on. The result is smoothie everywhere, including on his shirt. Is he going to have to take his shirt off? The ladies in the vicinity certainly think so...

 4. Adidas Euro 2000 (2000)

If we've said it once (we're not sure that we have to be honest), we'll say it again: Adidas make the best sports star ensemble videos. This was one of Becks earliest, the then young England international joining some of the world's best players of the era in Francesco Totti, Alessandro Del Piero, Zinedine Zidane and, um, Patrick Kluivert, in taking advantage of the thousands of footballs that had been let out onto the streets of Amsterdam. What was this all in aid of? That year's European Championships in Holland and Belgium. It was as fun as it got for Becks, with England exiting in the group stage. 

3. Adidas (2003)

In 2003 David Beckham had been the England captain for three years and had recently joined the Real Madrid galacticos - one of the most expensively-assembled squads of all time - from Manchester United. Jonny Wilkinson was the most famous name in Rugby Union after his goal kicking had led the England team to the World Cup, Wilkinson sealing the victory with a drop goal in the last minute of extra time over tournament hosts Australia. With Becks known for his free-kicks, and both of them sponsored by Adidas, what better time to get the two together to compare skills. After a few practices Jonny proved himself more than adept at curling a ball round a defensive wall, whilst Beckham was a natural and hitting a rugby ball between the posts. A great, understated advert of two sportsmen at the top of their respective games having a kickabout. 

 2. Pepsi (2002)

Remember that great Mean Joe Greene Super Bowl ad from the 70's? Where the fiersome defensive tackle showed a soft side by accepting a Coca-Cola from a young fan, throwing him his shirt in appreciation? Well Pepsi thought they'd have a little bit of banter with their great soft drink rivals. Becks is taken off at half-time during a match and looks disconsolate, only to be offered a drink of Pepsi by an admirer. It looks like things are going to end sweetly when the fan asks for the footballer's shirt, only, um, he doesn't quite treat it with the reverance you'd have been expecting. This was a great skit on an already classic ad. 

1. Pepsi (2004)

We might have said this already - in fact we're fairly sure we did further up the page - but you can't beat a sports ensemble advert, and this is our favourite. It features Beckham, as well as - again - at the time, some of the most famous footballer on the planet, including Brazilians Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho, as well as Italian Francesco Totti. The advert sees a medieval town deprived of Pepsi, their evil overlord locking it up in a cage. Good job Becks and his mates are there to boot a football around a bit ... or is that all they're doing? ... before you know it, an operation to free the Pepsi for the people is underway... hurray!