David Bowie stuffed his 'Labyrinth' tights with seven pairs of socks, according to his co-star Warwick Davis.

The 'Willow' actor was part of the ensemble Goblin Corps in Jim Henson's classic 1986 movie which starred late music legend Bowie as goblin king Jareth who was partial to wearing pairs of particularly figure-hugging tights - and Warwick has now revealed his co-star used to pad out his costume in all the right places.

In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Warwick was asked what it was like working with Bowie and he replied : "He was very, very down to earth on the set, by the way. Wanted to go by Dave, despite this huge wig and seven pairs of socks down his tights."

The actor added: "Those tights were a bit too tight, weren’t they?”

Warwick was also asked whether 'Labyrinth' could be revived in a TV show like fellow 1980s classic fantasy film 'The Dark Crystal' which has been rebooted with a prequel on streaming service Netflix.

However, Warwick replied: "They did 'Dark Crystal', but I haven’t heard any talk about 'Labyrinth'.”

Another classic which has been given a modern makeover is Warwick's 1988 film 'Willow' which has been brought back by Disney Plus.

The actor reprises the title role playing an older version of the character who previously set out to save a baby from an evil queen, and Warwick reveals he was sad not to have been reunited with his former co-star Val Kilmer who was unable to join the new show due to health problems.

Warwick added: "Not a day went by while we were filming where I didn’t think about him. What a cool guy he was. When you’re 17 on a huge film like that, playing the title character, there’s a lot of pressure, physically and mentally, to do a good job. Val was always there with a joke. Kind of picking my spirits up, saying, ‘Come on, you can do this’, you know, physically geeing me on. I owe him a big debt of gratitude for that."