TALKING HEADS singer David Byrne is such a fan of Missy Elliott, he proudly owns every track she's ever released.

The 51-year-old considers Elliott to be at the forefront of the music scene, and deems the SOCK IT TO ME singer's lyrics "hilarious".

He says, "I've got everything that Missy Elliott has ever recorded. Her beats are innovative. The drum tracks are upside down. Her lyrics are hilarious: 'LET ME FIX MY WEAVE!'

"She'll start spelling things out or talking gibberish. If I did stuff like this, I'd get criticised for being too arty!"

However, Byrne confesses his knowledge of modern music stops at Elliott, because he's never listened to any albums by THE White Stripes.

He explains, "I have huge gaps in my knowledge of modern pop. For instance, I've never heard a White Stripes album. Nothing apart from the singles."

07/04/2004 21:03