The Psychokiller singer previously co-created a show about Imelda Marcos, the former First Lady of the Philippines, and the woman who raised her, and he's set to tackle the story of another real-life figure in his latest stage venture.

He tells the NME, "I did a musical with Norman Cook at the National Theatre (in London) last year and I've got another one.

"At some point, when I realised it was doing well, and was an enjoyable experience and very moving and all that, I thought, 'Oh, while this is all getting worked out, I'll start another one', which is now written. The entire thing's written, and probably some songs will get rearranged or rewritten or whatever. So I'm talking to producers."

He adds, "It's (about) another woman, whose life is in the historical record. That's a good start. I mean, with Imelda, I liked the fact that I could look up and even find things that she said, things that other people said about her, so I didn't have to make s**t up."

But before he can make big plans about his stage return, Byrne has to curate London's Meltdown festival, which will take place at the Southbank Centre in August (15).