The last will and testament of David Cassidy has now been released, and many are shocked to discover that he has omitted his daughter Katie Cassidy from receiving any of his estate. According to him, he's never really had a relationship with her, so it only makes sense for him to leave his assets to son Beau. 

David Cassidy performing liveDavid Cassidy performing live

The deceased 'Partridge Family' star will no doubt divide readers with his decision to withhold his wealth from his daughter, whose mother is former model Sherry Williams. It's important to point out that this wasn't just a matter of neglecting to cite Katie's name in the documents, but a specific removal of her name from the narrative.

'All references in this Trust to my 'child or children' are to Beau Devin Cassidy and such references shall not include Katherine Evelyn Cassidy nor any descendant of Katherine', the document reads, as obtained by The Blast. 'It is my specific intent not to provide any benefits hereunder to Katherine... and/or any decendant of Katherine...'

David, who passed away from multiple organ failure on November 21st 2017 at the age of 67, explained his relationship with Katie, who starred in 'Gossip Girl' and 'Arrow', in an interview this year.

'I've never had a relationship with her', he told People. 'I wasn't her father. I was her biological father but I didn't raise her. She has a completely different life.'

Regardless of their lack of relationship, he certainly shows no animosity towards her. 'I'm proud of her', he says. 'She's very talented. It's hard for me to even accept how old she is now, like 30.'

Meanwhile, Beau Cassidy has allegedly been left a total of $150,000 (£111,000). It is not clear how Katie feels about her removal from the will, though she appeared to be extremely affected by her father's death.

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'Words cant express the solace our family's received from all the love and support during this trying time', she wrote on Twitter. 'My father's last words were 'So much wasted time'. This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute... Thank you.'