While it's not unusual for rock stars to appear worse for wear on stage during live performances, they're usually able to sing their songs to a high standard. The same can't be said for David Cassidy, who appeared so inebriated at a recent LA show that he could barely perform. 

David CassidyDavid Cassidy has a difficult time performing in LA

According to a series of fan-filmed videos from his show at the The Canyon Club on Saturday night (February 18th 2017), the 70s popstar slurred his way through every song, forgetting a lot of the words while swaying and stumbling around the stage. He accidentally hit himself with his microphone more than once, and also fell over a monitor on the side of the stage at one point.

Even his guitar playing looked remarkably uncoordinated. Halfway through his rendition of 'I'll Meet You Halfway', he put it down and told the audience: 'My apologies but I can't play the guitar when it's that badly out of tune.'

When he later tried to give a heartfelt speech about the song, he became visibly frustrated with the crowd's inattentiveness. 'Yeah, obviously you're not listening so it doesn't matter, I'll just shut up now', he said, as his gracious audience continued to cheer him on.

David Cassidy has had a long history with alcohol addiction, having been in and out of rehab numerous times over the course of his life. His addiction has been that bad that he has been arrested at least three times for driving under the influence.

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The 66-year-old singer previously announced that the weekend's shows would be his last ever, and that he would be retiring from live performing for good, at least on the West Coast. 'The February 18th & 19th shows will be the last 2 shows that I ever do on the West Coast of the USA', he said on his website. 'Traveling and my arthritis has certainly made these cross country shows much more difficult for me now.'