Young recently criticised new presidential hopeful Donald Trump after his song Rockin' In the Free World was played as the tycoon announced his bid for the White House earlier this month (Jun15), insisting he does not share the businessman's politics and would rather Trump did not play his tracks.

His former Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young bandmate admits he is not a fan of Trump either, and does not think it is silly for Young to be upset.

He tells, "I got in trouble saying Donald Trump was a walking intelligence-free zone! I think he had everybody working for him tweet right after, 'How dare you say that! He's a great American'. I was sticking up for Neil, who doesn't actually need anybody go to bat for him... Neil can duke it out for himself; he's a tough cookie.

"But Trump was completely in the wrong. He had no right to use that guy's song and he probably knew that. He probably did it so he could get the press."

Crosby admits he has been caught up in a similar controversy with newsman O'Reilly, stating, "He was using my song Long Time Gone. I ran into him at one of our concerts and I said, 'Bill, stop using my song'. I said, 'I don't like you, Bill. I think you're an opinionated bully and I don't like your politics, and I don't want my music associated with you'.

"He didn't ask my permission. He said, 'Why don't you come on my show and we'll talk about it'. I said, 'I'm not coming on your show because you interrupt people all the time and you're a bully. Now stop using my music or you'll be talking to my lawyers'. He did!"