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Duchovny: 'It's Been A Difficult Year'

X-FILES star DAVID DUCHOVNY has opened up about his marriage reconciliation with TEA LEONI, revealing the couple has just come through a "difficult year".The actor split from Leoni, his wife of 11 years, in November...

Duchovny And Leoni Get Matching Tattoos

DAVID DUCHOVNY and TEA LEONI's marriage is back on - and the couple has sealed their love with matching wedding ring tattoos. The pair announced the end of its 11-year marriage back in October (08), after...

Duchovny's Wife Passes Out During Sex

THE X-FILES star DAVID DUCHOVNY and wife TEA LEONI once had passionate sex in a sauna - but the experience caused the model/actress to faint. Duchovny reveals the couple usually enjoys a healthy sex life,...

Pete Wentz To Appear On Californication

Pete Wentz is to make a cameo appearance on the hit US TV show Californication.The Showtime series stars former X- Files actor David Duchovny as a writer living in Los Angeles.FALL OUT BOY bassist Wentz...

Duchovny: 'The X-files Was Better Than The Beatles'

THE X-FILES star DAVID DUCHOVNY holds the sci-fi TV series in high regard - insisting it was "better than the Beatles". The Emmy Award-winning 1990s show starred Duchovny and Gillian Anderson - as FBI agents...

Duchovny's X Files Pinball Game

DAVID DUCHOVNY likes to play a pinball version of his hit sci-fi TV show THE X FILES with his son KYD MILLER. The New York-born actor said goodbye to his paranormal investigator FOX MULDER in...

Art Imitated Life For Choking Moore

A choking scene in JULIANNE MOORE's new movie TRUST THE MAN is based on a real-life incident when the actress nearly suffocated. In the movie, Moore's character embarks on a no-carbohydrate diet but gets caught...

Duchovny Left Red Faced By Medical Mishap

Former THE X-FILES star DAVID DUCHOVNY still winces when he remembers the time he tried to give a heart attack sufferer the Heimlich manoeuvre. The actor was convinced his neighbour was choking when he confronted...

Duchovny And Leoni Dreaming Of A White Christmas

DAVID DUCHOVNY and TEA LEONI have left Los Angeles for the holidays to give their children their first ever Christmas in their native New York City. The screen stars, who both hail from the...

Gyllenhaal's Birthday Kiss

Actress MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL had an unusual birthday on 16 November (04) - she spent it kissing ELLEN BARKIN. The pair shared a kiss on the New York City set of their movie TRUST THE...

Badu Baffled By Brawling Story

R+B star ERYKAH BADU is confused by reports she and actress TEA LEONI had a violent scuffle on the set of their new movie HOUSE OF D - because the pair weren't even in the...

Tea Regrets Working With Her Husband

Actress TEA LEONI refuses to work with husband DAVID DUCHOVNY on a movie project again after his directorial debut turned into a real challenge for her. Leoni stars in comedy HOUSE OF D, and...

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