The X-Files star is gearing up to release his debut album with band Weather in May (15) and he reveals his musical aspirations stemmed from wanting to show his children how to deal with struggles and failure in life.

He says, "As parents, we're always telling our kids the worthwhile things are hard work and we have to fail and fail and fail and eventually it gets fun, but they only see us doing, they don't see us learning...

"So I wanted to find something that I really sucked at... and I also wanted them to play instruments, so I thought, 'If I take up guitar, maybe they'll watch me struggle, they'll watch me get frustrated, they'll watch me persevere and maybe they'll take it up too'."

And his idea worked - his daughter is also playing the guitar.

He continues, "That was the evil plan all along and it worked. She's a better guitar player than me for sure."