Some fans were rejoicing, while others were a little more apprehensive when it was announced last month that 'The X-Files' would be returning for a six episode miniseries on Fox. But at a press call on Friday to discuss his new show 'Aquarius', David Duchovny seemed more that happy to answer any questions regarding the upcoming reboot and hopefully ease the fears of a few fans. 

David DuchovnyDavid Duchovny will be returning to Fox as Mulder in six new 'X-Files' episodes

When asked how easy it would be to step into Mulder’s shoes once again the actor said, "I don't know if it's easy yet until I do it But I am looking forward to it.” Duchovny also dished however that he had no hesitations about signing on for the reboot.

"I've always wanted to - we always wanted to keep it going," the actor explained. "We envisioned kind of a movie franchise when we stopped the TV show and we did two.” Speaking about the franchises’ second big screen instalment he said, "The second one did well but I guess not well enough to do a third."

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 “I would have never done another 22 episodes of 'X-Files', but you know, we're going to do six. So it became like, 'Oh, that's like continuing the show in a way that we all can do at this point in our lives," he continued.

"Six to me sounds very doable at any walk of my life," he added. "It's not a great hardship in terms of time. So I would hope it would be successful, I would hope we could do two, but right now, we're just looking at it as these six and we'll see what happens.”

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When asked if fans could expect a different 'X-Files' this time around, one which perhaps pushes more boundaries the 54 year old said, "I suppose so." "I'm not a violence fan and I don't look at it so much so I don't think about it. I've seen some images from 'Hannibal,' I think that's well  within what we need. I can't imagine us wanting to get any weirder and darker than that so I feel like we're fine," Duchovny added.