David Duchovny has landed a lead role in 'Phantom'.

The former 'X-FILES' star has replaced Andy Garcia in the thriller about the captain of a Soviet submarine on a mysterious mission, battling with both a rogue KGB spy unit and a supernatural force threatening the vessel.

Ed Harris is on board as the captain of the Russian ship, while David will play the leader of a special forces team on a secret undertaking.

Todd Robinson has written the project, and will also direct.

Production is set to begin in October in California, and William Fitcher and Natascha McElhone will also be taking part.

David recently finished filming on the fifth season of TV series 'Californication', but has had a particularly slow film career in recent years.

His most recent cinema venture was 'The Joneses' in 2009 with Demi Moore and Amber Heard, but it failed to connect with audiences and made just $7 million at the box office worldwide despite a budget of $10 million.