Singer/actor David Essex is planning to test out his daredevil skills by riding a treacherous Wall of Death carnival sideshow.
The motorbike-loving Brit is currently starring in the stage musical All the Fun of the Fair, which is based on his 1975 album of the same name and is set in a travelling fairground.
The impressive production features a full-size Wall of Death - a vertical cylinder in which motorcycle stuntmen perform gravity-defying high-speed rides - and Essex can't wait to try it out for himself.
He tells British TV show Daybreak, "The Wall of Death features in the show... I'm going to do it. I know a few of the guys (who do it). I think there are only two travelling Wall of Deaths left, and when I haven't got anything to do - in case I break something - I will have a go.
"I think once you are up you're fine, and once you are down you are fine, because the centrifugal force obviously keeps you up there. It's supposed to be like an endless road. You have to get the right speed, but it's (difficult) getting up and coming down."