So Gone Girl, the movie, is a thing now, out there in the world for audiences to enjoy (selected audiences, for the moment). The David Fincher adaptation of a Gillian Flynn thriller received a lot of critical praise ahead of its release and stars Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike managed to squeeze in a little extra promotion on premiere night – without going into too much spoiler-y detail, of course.

David Fincher
David Fincher's film-making philosophy - hire the right people and stand back.

Affleck in particular had some praise to heap on Fincher. In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, the actor said: “It was great to work with David and I learned a great deal from him. David’s also, despite his reputation, a very funny and nice guy. Not just a demon.”

Fincher is known for his exhausting production process – it takes lots of takes, an extended shoot, perfect casting and attention to detail to make a Fincher movie.

The film tells the story of a Nick Dunne, whose marriage has gone sour. When Nick’s wife goes missing, his crumbling romance leads to him becoming a suspect in the disappearance. Fincher was particularly excited for Pike’s casting, he said in his interview because she lended the kind of ambiguity he needed for this story.

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“Rosamund was someone that I had seen in four or five different movies over 10 years, and I never got a bead on her,” said Fincher, who was pleased that Pike was an only child, like Amy. “I never got a sense of who she was. And I pride myself on being able to watch actors and sort of know instinctivly what their utility belt is, and I don’t have that with Rosamund. I didn’t know what she was building off of. There was an opacity there and it was interesting.”


Gone Girl hits theaters in the UK on October 2 and the USA on October 3. 

Rosamund Pike
Much like her character, Rosamund Pike was the unknown element in the mix - but she connected with Amy almost instantly.