Now truly rid of any lasting connection to the Steve Jobs movie, David Fincher is to make a new comedy for HBO focusing on the 1980s music-video industry, according to Deadline. With the working title Living on Video, the half-hour show is set in 1983 Los Angeles.

David FincherDavid Fincher is to make a new comedy show for HBO, tentatively titled 'Living on Video'

The show centers on Bobby, a wide-eyed guy who drops out of college and travels to Hollywood with hopes of becoming a sci-fi director. He lands a job as a P.A for a company making music videos and the show will track the world of MTV after Video Killed the Radio Star.

Fincher - now best known for Se7en and The Social Network - knows what he's talking about. Before his movie days the filmmaker tackled Foreigner's Say You Will, Jermaine Stewart's We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off and Johnny Hates Jazz's Shattered Dreams. He also directed Sting's Englishman in New York, Paula Abdul's Forever Your Girl and Jody Watley's Real Live, which actually earned six Video Music Award nominations.

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By the 1990s, Fincher was working with the likes of Madonna, the Rolling Stones, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, Justin Timberlake and A Perfect Circle.

The script for 'Living On Video' is apparently complete and preliminary casting is now underway. Nevertheless, the project has not officially been green-lighted to pilot, though given Fincher's involvement, it was probably HBO asking him to come aboard, rather than the other way around.

It's also not the first collaboration between Fincher and HBO - they teamed up previously for the American version of Channel 4 drama Utopia and 1950s Los Angeles noir Shakedown with James Ellroy.

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