Reality star David Gest died after suffering a stroke, his US lawyer has confirmed. The 62-year-old former husband of Liza Minnelli was found dead in London’s Four Seasons Hotel in April by concerned hotel staff, after he had not been seen for two days.

David GestDavid Gest death in April was caused by a stroke

Speaking to The Sun, US attorney Edward Bearman, who has been dealing with Gest’s estate, said: “I’ve been told David died from a stroke.” Gary Veazey, the executor Gest’s will also added: “He died of a stroke.”

Gest death was initially being described by police as “unexplained”. But Scotland Yard has since confirmed that there will be no investigation into Gest’s death and it is now being described as “non-suspicious”.

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A source close to his family told The Sun: “Knowing that David’s death was from a stroke has provided relief to the whole Gest family. It doesn’t help to bring David back but it gives us piece of mind that nothing untoward happened. We are still very much grieving him but this news helps with the process.”

Gest had spent the last six months of his life living at the Four Seasons Hotel in London. In the weeks prior to his death he had been battling pneumonia and is said to have been suffering from extremely high blood pressure or hypertension.

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His former bodyguard Imad Handi recently told The Sun he believes he may have been on the phone to Gest when he passed away. “I answered the phone (to Gest) and was like, ‘Hello, hello, hello?’, and I heard something smash on the floor,” he told the newspaper.

“Part of me froze and then the phone went dead. Unfortunately he didn’t call me back. I did try and call that evening and on Saturday and there was no answer," he added. "I believe he passed away on the Friday.”