David Gest broke down in tears when he saw Whitney Houston struggle to hit the high notes during her final tour.
Houston, who died on 11 February (12), embarked on her Nothing but Love World Tour in 2009 but the concerts were plagued by cancellations and bad reviews, with many gig-goers complaining the star sounded breathless and off-key throughout her songs.
Music industry veteran Gest, who was friends with the late singer, went to see her perform in Copenhagen, Denmark during the European leg of the tour, and he admits he was overcome with emotion when he heard her famous voice falter.
He tells Bbc Breakfast, "I went to Copenhagen... she could not hit those notes. After the fourth song I was in tears, I do not cry. The only other time I cried was when Michael Jackson died. I tried to stay and watch the show (but I couldn't)."
Gest reveals he spoke to Houston after the concert and advised her to work with a vocal coach to help restore her voice: "I said, 'You need to get with a vocal coach, you have got a good set of pipes but you need to work (on them).
"But the insecurity... She didn't look at herself as beautiful. She was insecure in that way. That bothered her. She never thought she was the talent that she was."