Chief Hopper is without a doubt one of the most beloved characters from the 'Stranger Things' universe. Actor David Harbour is the man responsible for taking on the role in the Netflix original series, and through the character's adoration for Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the rest of the kids he's now become partly responsible for, he's found a lot of love with the wide viewing audience.

David Harbour has amassed millions of fans in the role of Chief HopperDavid Harbour has amassed millions of fans in the role of Chief Hopper

Hopper's story is something that was explored a little more in-depth recently, in that we all found out he once had a daughter called Sara, who unfortunately passed away and led to Hopper breaking up with his now-ex-wife.

The second season of the show also saw Hopper teaming up with some unlikely allies, and that's something Harbour would like to see continue.

Speaking with Variety, the actor opened up about where he'd like to take Hopper in future episodes of the hit Netflix original: " do think the internet knows my love for Joe Keery. I would love to see a Hopper and Steve get-together, but I seriously doubt that’s going to happen. I’d love to work with Gaten. I want to get into the backstory of Hopper more. When Eleven goes into the basement, she sees a bunch of boxes, one of which says ‘Hawkins Lab.’ ‘Dad.’ ‘Vietnam.’ ‘New York.’ There’s a lot of story we can get into around Hopper’s time as a cop in New York, Hopper’s time in Vietnam."

He added: "Sara dies theoretically five years before our story. In terms of the timeline, we say in the first season that I moved back to Hawkins after that experience. And we have me calling my ex-wife, who is remarried and has a kid. There’s a lot of rich material there, and with secrets around Sara and that whole event, which I hope we’ll get into in future seasons. Maybe not in the way you think. But there is a lot more complexity to Hopper’s relationship to Sara’s death."

With so many potential avenues for writers to go down with Hopper, there's no telling in which direction that co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer, aka the Duffer Brothers will go. What they have to be careful about however is delivering something the viewers can really get behind. Though they've made a huge success out of this character, the fan base will be unforgiving if they, in their masses believe he is taking a wrong turn. It's going to be a very interesting batch of episodes when season 3 finally drops.

Fortunately, the Duffers look to be a pair with strong heads on their shoulders and have to-date made the best decisions for the show, that have gone down a treat with the majority of their viewers. Long may that continue!

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'Stranger Things' seasons 1-2 are available now on Netflix. We'll bring you more news on the confirmed third season as and when we get it.