'Stranger Things' is without a doubt one of the most successful, critically-acclaimed and beloved original shows to come from Netflix. The streaming service first introduced the world to the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in 2016, and ever since millions of viewers across the globe have been obsessed with catching up with the residents of the area, and the goings on in the mysterious 'Upside Down'.

David Harbour thought 'Stranger Things' was being David Harbour thought 'Stranger Things' was being "buried"

Returning last year for its spectacular second season, fans now have to wait until 2019 before they get their next dose of narrative from creators Matt and Ross Duffer. What has been revealed however, is that there will be a 'Stranger Things' prequel novel written by Gwenda Bond, set to be published in the spring of 2019. It will serve as the first in a series of books based on the series. The story in this one will focus on Eleven's mother Terry, and her relationship and ties to the MKUltra program.

In the show, we've seen David Harbour's character, Jim Hopper, take Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) under his wing. At the end of season 2, he even got her ties to the MKUltra program wiped out, bringing her into his family as his official daughter. Their relationship is one of the strongest parts of the series, but at one point, Harbour didn't even think the show would make it this far. 

Speaking on the WTF Podcast, the actor explained: "When we were shooting it, about four episodes in, I thought ‘Yeah, no one’s going to watch this.’ I thought, you know, ‘I’m not good, and it’s not good.' And it didn’t help that, we were all working hard, but we were in a bubble. I just thought it was like, you know, in a long line of failures... I had grown very cynical. But so this was one of those opportunities where my expectations were really low... And so before it came out, I was scared.

"And then, I was actually doing a play with a guy who was on a very successful TV show. And before it came out, like three weeks before it came out, there were no ads in New York. No ads on buses, nothing. And then a week before it came out, no ads anywhere. I talked to [the actor] and was like ‘There’s no ads. Is that a bad sign?’ And he was like ‘They’re burying it. They’re trying to bury it.’ And I was like ‘Oh my god. My one f**king shot, and they’re burying my show.’ And then it came out, and it was like a zeitgeist. They claim now that they did it on purpose, where people claim ownership over it because they discover it and then they tell their friends. And it is kind of brilliant, when you think about it, if that is the case."

The risk Netflix took in not advertising 'Stranger Things' before it debuted its first season was a major one, but something that obviously paid off. Through word of mouth, the series has become a phenomenon, working its way into the hearts of people all around the world. 

Harbour's fears would turn out to be misplaced, and now he can safely say he's a part of one of the most unique and ambitious shows of the modern day. And let's not forget that leading part in 'Hellboy' he has lined up!

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'Stranger Things' is expected to return for its third season in 2019. Seasons 1-2 are available now on Netflix.