Mike Mignola's comic book creation 'Hellboy' is without a doubt one of the most popular cult classics on the planet today. In the past, Ron Perlman has helped bring the character to life in live-action, but now with a planned reboot movie in the works, it's 'Stranger Things' actor David Harbour who'll be stepping into the titular role.

David Harbour in a first look image for 'Hellboy'David Harbour in a first look image for 'Hellboy'

Not much is known about the plot which will be followed when the movie makes its debut in 2019, but Harbour has recently been speaking out about how other films have made an impact and influenced the direction the film looks to be taking.

Speaking with Variety at the Dubai Film Festival about the role, the actor teased: "These movies have been of a certain brand. With 'Deadpool' and 'Logan', they are trying to do different things. So we are trying to do our own brand of that. I was really excited by that concept — to make a real monster movie that’s dark and scary and about the end of the world."

With a R-rating in America, it's clear that those working on the flick will be allowed free reign to do pretty much whatever they like with the reboot. This could be one of the grittiest comic book movies to hit the big screen to-date, and the success of films such as the previously-mentioned 'Logan' should certainly fill the filmmakers behind it with confidence.

Whether or not all the pieces will fall together and make the 'Hellboy' reboot a huge success remains to be seen, but for now it certainly sounds like it could be one heck of a ride. 2019 can't come soon enough.

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'Hellboy' is currently slated for release on January 11, 2019. We'll bring you more news on the film as and when we get it.