Without a doubt, 'Stranger Things' was one of the most talked about new shows of 2016. Introducing the fictional town of Hawkins to viewers, those watching were quickly caught up in a story that started with a missing young boy, but turned swiftly into anything but an 'ordinary' case of a child wandering astray or being abducted.

David Harbour returns as Jim Hopper in 'Stranger Things' season 2David Harbour returns as Jim Hopper in 'Stranger Things' season 2

Taking place in the 80s, the show took no time at all in transporting us to a world we had never seen before, bringing the sci-fi genre right into the middle of proceedings, allowing the demons that resided in the Upside Down to take centre-stage. One in particular, the Demogorgon, threatened all that was peaceful and right about Hawkins forever.

One of the casualties of the alternate universe was fan favourite character, Barb. We didn't see much of her in the first season, other than at a party where she proved she wasn't a typical college girl. It was at that point she was consumed by the darkness in the Upside Down, taken from Hawkins forever.

"Barb is clearly dead," actor David Harbour, who plays Jim Hopper explained in a chat with TV Guide. "But as a result, I think, of some of the fandom and also as a result of what we want to explore, justice for Barb is a big thing in Season 2. Barb was not given the justice she deserved in Season 1 because we were focused on Will and saving a child, but so we've realised from the fans that Barb is important, and so we are going to treat her with the respect that she deserves."

Exactly what that means is anybody's guess, but the comments come after other cast and crew on the show have hinted that there will be a sense of revenge for Barb in the new batch of upcoming episodes, despite the character now definitely incapable of making a physical return. Barb may not be alive, but her presence will certainly be felt moving forward.

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'Stranger Things' season 2 comes to Netflix on October 31, with season 1 available to stream now.