Over this past weekend, fans got a closer glimpse at the second season of Netflix original series 'Stranger Things' during San Diego Comic Con, when a brand new trailer was unveiled. Showing off the darkness and a huge monster that threatened the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana via Will Byer's visions, it would seem we're going to delve right back into the horror of the Upside Down when the show makes its return.

David Harbour makes his return as Chief HopperDavid Harbour makes his return as Chief Hopper

The first season became such a success with viewers not only because of its slick storytelling and the brilliant cast of both veteran actors and young newbies, but because  of the blend of genres and the throwbacks to the 80s, with various Easter Eggs for those eagle-eyed enough to catch them. That's something else that'll be expected to come back bigger and better than before, but if words from David Harbour - who plays Chief Hopper - are anything to go by, we could be in for a very unique season opener come October.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor explained: “The first five minutes, you’re not going to know you’re watching Stranger Things. You’re going to be checking the thing: ‘Did I put on something else?’ Then something happens in the last part of those five minutes where you realise we’ve opened up the world in a fresh new way, and we introduce some new concepts.”

He opened up a little bit more about what that could entail, adding: “It’s things the fans have mentioned and have been talking about. I don’t want to bring up what those are specifically, but we delve into questions that you guys had about the past histories of these people. It really opens up the world, and then the whole world is able to get bigger and darker and weirder. I think people are going to be really blown away.”

The fact that fans may have had a say in where the second season starts out is certainly an interesting prospect. While some fan theories and questions are so far out of left field they would never have a place in the 'Stranger Things' universe, there are some that would hold some ground if proven to be true. Exactly what the Duffer Brothers have up their sleeves with season 2 is yet to be seen, but Hopper is promising that the pay off for this wait for new episodes will come tenfold.

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'Stranger Things' season 2 debuts on Netflix on October 27, 2017.