There's no denying the incredible success 'Stranger Things' saw when the new Netflix original series hit the streaming platform towards the end of 2016. Bringing the fictional town of Hawkins to viewers, a brand new sci-fi world was opened up to fans, with the 'Upside Down' revealed as the place that had snatched up missing youngster, Will.

Noah Schnapp's Will is back with family and friends in Season 2Noah Schnapp's Will is back with family and friends in Season 2

Bringing an incredible cast of talented youngsters and Hollywood veterans to the small screen, such as Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown, the first season of the series was a beautiful example of exactly how well television could deliver a story to everybody at home with just a limited amount of episodes.

Of course, with success comes the demand for more, and it didn't take too long for Netflix to come to the decision to order a second season of 'Stranger Things'. Actor David Harbour is amongst those returning to the show, in his role of Chief Hopper, and he recently divulged some eye-opening information about where his story could be going next.

David Harbour returns as Chief Hopper in Stranger Things Season 2David Harbour returns as Chief Hopper in Stranger Things Season 2

"There's a bit of a cover-up kind of going on that Hopper is head of," the actor explained in a recent interview with Uproxx. "We don't need people to know about the interdimensional monster that was running around town. He’s also got the Barb thing. Barb was never found, so that’s addressed. And then he’s got this reemergence of Eleven, which he knows something about at the end of last season. There is some interaction on that front, in terms of his relationship with Eleven, and we see what that becomes in season two, which is very complex. Hopper is sort of pulled in a lot of different directions."

It's fair to assume that those involved in taking down the Demogorgon monster that wanted to consume the light and life of those it came into contact with last year isn't something that will be making its return in season 2, but there has been the promise of a new monster that would make the original one pale in comparison. In fact, there may now even be room for a selection of different entities entering the town of Hawkins, using Will as a vessel if the scene we saw him in at the end of season 1 is anything to go by.

Whatever the case may be, this story is clearly one that's just getting started. Will may be back with his family and friends, but the Upside Down shows no signs of disappearing any time soon...

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'Stranger Things' season 2 arrives to Netflix on October 31, with season 1 available now.