Just two days after Stephen Colbert aired his final Comedy Central episode, David Letterman – aka the man Colbert will be replacing as of next fall – had an equally sentimental finale on The Late Show. This one was just a mid-season ending, before Letterman flies south for winter – or whatever it is that late night hosts do for the holidays – but the TV vet pulled out all the stops anyway.

Letterman hosted a cheesy, old-school finale, to match his cheesy, old-school run on the Late Show. And I mean that in the best way.  Of course, it’s not really Christmas, if you haven’t heard Darlene Love croon out Last Christmas. Having her sing on the Late Show was kind of like a warm hug, followed by a mug of hot choc with marshmallows in TV form...

Watch Love's final Late Show performance below.

 Ok, that might be going too far.

 But the show was only just beginning.

On Friday, Love sang another classic – Chrstmas (Baby, Please Come Home) for one. Last. Time. Think that’s dramatic? The drama was justified, what with Letterman’s pending retirement in 2015.

During a recent interview, Love made it clear that she's only performing for one special host.

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"People say, ‘[Letterman] can't demand that,'" the 73-year-old shared. "I say, ‘He's not demanding.' I made a point myself, and I want to do it just for David."

The rest of the show was filled with all the things you’d come to expect – Letterman’s “the good ol’ days” monologue and Jay Thomas retelling his ‘Lone Ranger’ story, and throwing a football at a meatball atop a tree.