David Letterman's Late Show set has already been thrown in the trash. The talk show host's last show was on Wednesday night (20th May) but within 24 hours the set had been dismantled and parts of it could be seen in a dumpster close to the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York.

David LettermanDavid Letterman's Late Show set was quickly dismantled after the final episode aired.

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Letterman's iconic set, which included a large replica of the Brooklyn Bridge and other parts of the New York skyline, has already been removed from the building. According to reports in Us Weekly, other smaller items from the set were discovered in a dumpster. Scavengers have reportedly been looking through the trash to find such smaller items as chairs, as USA Today reports.

68-year-old Letterman waved his final goodbye from the set on Wednesday. Letterman had spent 33 years on air in two versions of his late night show: NBC's Late Night with David Letterman from 1983-1993 and The Late Show with David Letterman from 1993. 

Letterman was joined for his final show by some special guests including Alex Baldwin, Steve Martin, Jim Carey, Barbara Walters, Tina Fey, Bill Murray and Tom Hanks. It was an emotional night for Letterman and he made sure to mention his family, his wife Regina and son Harry, during the show.

"Thank you. Just seriously, thank you for being my family," Letterman said to his wife and son on air.  "I love you both and really nothing else matters, does it?"

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