4. Diane - Dale Cooper records messages describing all daily events - from his breakfast to his case findings - on a dictaphone, addressing what appears to be his mysterious secretary named 'Diane'. However, he never speaks directly to her and we're left wondering whether or not she's a real person - or just another one of his strange quirks.

5. Cherry pie and damn good coffee - You can get a great cherry pie and a 'damn fine cup of coffee' from Norma's Double R Diner, which Cooper found out on his arrival. It's just as well there's something sweet to start your day with, what with all the horror that every character is cursed with.

Kyle MacLachlan at 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards
Kyle MacLachlan to reprise his role as the coffee loving special agent

6. Dreams - Cooper solves cases through his experience of weird prophetic dreams. The exploration of dreams is a major theme in various David Lynch movies, with his extraordinary ability to touch upon the bizarre that usually only one's unconscious mind can access. Though as strange as Cooper's dreams about the Giant, the One Armed Man and the red room etc. are, they all turn out to be scarily real.

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7. The Log Lady - Each episode of series 1 and 2 featured an introduction from the Log Lady; a solitary woman of perhaps slightly cuckoo disposition who never went anywhere without her apparently psychic timber tucked under her arm. As eccentric as he is, Cooper used her log's 'evidence' as he attempted to solve the Laura Palmer murder case, though it was never clear exactly how much sense the Log Lady really made.

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8. The Lodges - The gateways to heaven and hell can be found at the White Lodge and the Black Lodge, set within the eerie forest surrounding Twin Peaks. That's when things start to get really surreal - in true Lynch style. Cooper had been dreaming about the strange realms for weeks and, as it turns out, the Black Lodge is where his brief experience of death takes place, and appears to be the source of all evil in Twin Peaks.

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