9. Secrets - There's very few - if any - inherently 'good' characters in the show; everybody seems to have a dirty secret, or at least have their own reasons for hiding things from certain people. Laura Palmer herself is the prime example, living an extraordinary double life of giggling high school girl one minute, to a drug-taking sexual deviant the next. Sheriff Truman seemed sincere enough, until he initially failed to arrest the glamorous mill owner Josie Packard despite having suspicions of her involvement in Laura Palmer's death (though she was not responsible for this crime, she did attempt to shoot Cooper dead in series 1). As for good ol' Cooper himself, he had an affair with the wife of his former partner which ultimately drove him mad. Go figure.

Ray Wise and Sheryl Lee at Psych: A Twin Peaks Gathering
Sheryl Lee and Ray Wise played Laura Palmer and her father Leland Palmer

10. Fire - Fire is a common theme throughout 'Twin Peaks'. From the name of the 1992 film version 'Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me', to Laura's strange comments to James before she died. 'Would you like to play with fire, little boy? Would you like to play with Bob?' he said to the police that she had told him, as well as revealing over tape to Dr. Jacoby that 'This guy can really light my fire' - a comment that James himself thought to be significant. The other obvious reference was the lumber mill burning down; a devious plot that became central to much of series 1.

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Expect plenty more fire, secrets and supernatural murders for the third series, as well as that finger-snapping, cool jazz soundtrack we all know and love. And with the ever trustworthy Cooper now apparently possessed by BOB, no-one in Twin Peaks is safe.