The Walking Dead star headed to the European country with representatives from the United Nations Refugee Agency to see first-hand the operation to help desperate families fleeing Syria with a perilous voyage across the Mediterranean and Aegean seas.

Hundreds of refugees are making the dangerous crossing every day, and during his trip, Morrissey helped to save one family who had been drifting in the water for hours after their dinghy ran out of fuel.

In an image published by, he can be seen lifting a small child out of the vessel and onto the deck of a coastguard's boat.

Morrissey tells the publication, "(This is) the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War... As I drove along the beach front, all you can see is discarded life jackets, and the remains of rubber dinghies. And there are rubber rings, which I think were makeshift life jackets."

He also described the aid workers' encounters with boats full of refugees, adding, "Then you start to see faces. Then you start to hear them calling for help over the sounds of the boat. The women are deeply traumatised, holding onto their children... Some of the children are numb and still and frozen with fear; they don't know where they are going, but they know where they have been...

"The coast guards are doing their best in a terrible situation. It is my opinion that the Greeks cannot cope. The problem is such it is just mounting on a daily basis."