Sunday night's episode of 'The Walking Dead' was entitled 'Sick' - so we pretty much knew what we were in for. The second instalment of season three picked up after the premiere's abrupt cliff-hanger that saw Hershel bitten by a zombie, leading Rick (Andrew Lincoln) to perform an amateur leg amputation on the floor of the prison cafeteria. Nice.

In the concluding moments of that episode, the group discovered five mysterious figures hiding in the back of the room: more survivors. With both parties understandably cautious, guns were drawn, though Rick managed to calm the situation and convince the survivors that there are no hospitals, no cell phones and no national guard to help. Though it was a thrilling episode, we were left a little deflated by the lack of David Morrissey. The British star has signed on to play The Governor in the new series (a character considered one of the greatest comic book villains of all time) though is yet to appear. Show creator Robert Kirkman attempted to clear up the situation when speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, explaining, "People know that he's coming and that's something that's going to cause quite a bit of tension as viewers watch the episodes: When is he appearing, when is this going to happen? We've had a lot of fun teasing that and delaying that reveal but I will say we're not going to be torturing people for too long."

Though we're still waiting on episode two's ratings; the season premiere of The Walking Dead delivered a phenomenal 10.9 million viewers.