Starz has released the full length trailer for its upcoming period fantasy drama thing, Da Vinci’s Demons and it looks high budget.

It also looks nothing like you’d imagine the life of the famed Italian inventor to look like, but remaining seems to be the theme of the past couple of years, so let’s just run with it. From the trailer, Da Vinci’s Demons looks like your typical period drama series, full of blood, sex and intrigue galore, a la The Tudors. How does Leonardo’s life translate into something like that though? Well, it wasn’t too difficult, apparently. Writer David S. Goyer has been enlisted for the project.

To provide some context, Goyer also worked on The Dark Knight, so whatever this turns out to be, it will be a far cry from a history lesson on Leonardo’s life. “He’s kind of super-hero-y anyway,” Goyer told critics at the network’s press tour session in Pasadena on Saturday morning. “[Some have said that] aside from Christ he’s the most recognizable figure in the world … my approach wasn’t entirely dissimilar to [writing] Batman or Superman … He had an incredible life, we didn’t have to embellish as much as you’d think.” Well, sounds a bit iffy, but the trailer looks flashy enough to distract you from the historical accuracy. Take a look below.