Popular Scottish actor David Tenant will return as the infamous Doctor in a Dr Who special, and will be accompanied by Billie Piper, who had initially denied her role in the comeback.

"I wasn't asked, no," said Piper on the Graham Norton show when she was asked about a possible return. "I think Matt Smith may have said, in passing or in jest, it would be nice. I think maybe he said that and then it became something quite different, but no." Smith has said the show "manages to pay homage to everything - and look forward. He added: “I read it and I clapped at the end. I think it's hilarious, it's epic and it's vast.” Writer Seven Moffat, meanwhile, has made sure no spoilers got out, something that nearly happened with a stolen Breaking Bad script. "One length I've gone to which is a really good security measure - I make sure I don't get a script, because I will lose it," he said. "I forbid people to hand me one. It's on my computer under lock and key." Matt Smith is the current doctor, and while Tenant is perhaps the most popular (modern) actor to play the role, Smith has been doing an excellent job.

David Tennant

All smiles - Tennant

The latest episode saw the Dr and his sidekick battle a invasion through the Wi-Fi. The first episode of Doctor Who, An Unearthly Child, starring William Hartnell as the Timelord, was broadcast on 23 November 1963.