ITV's scheduling has been lacking somewhat over the past few years. Its 'hard-hitting' drama is dismal, its comedy is comically poor and its reality TV is... reality TV. However one thing it is very good at - and has always been - is murder mysteries. With a legacy including Morse and Frost there is a certain alluring death-drive to their programming, which is why Broadchurch was worth looking forward to. 

Starring David Tennant and the utterly brilliant Olivia Colman (who has dazzled us with the sheer multitudinousness of her roles, from the tragic lead in Tyrannosaur to hilarious turns in Green Wing, Rev and Twenty Twelve) as the forefront of a good cast, Broadchurch is seems to be a well practised exercise in murder-mystery. At the centre of the theme and tone of the show is the consequence of a murder in a small, close knit community. Colman and Tennant play an investigative duo in search of a missing boy - who is found to be dead - and subsequently his killer. 

While far from being wholly original and playing on numerous well worn clichés, from the copper with a murky past (Tennant) to the intrusion of the media, it still has plenty going for it. As the Telegraph said, "What stood out most was the intense, microscopic exposure of hurt." The Independent wasn't blown away by the show as a whole, but on the strength of Colman's performance alone recommends the watch. Indeed, if murder-mystery is your thing then check it out.