The latest trailer for the British romantic-comedy What We Did On Our Holiday, starring a frankly all-star cast of David Tennant, Rosamund Pike, Billy Connolly, Celia Imrie and Ben Miller, has rolled out online, hinting at a sort of Outnumbered-cum-Little-Miss-Sunshine quirky comedy that would have to really screw up its marketing to fail.

David Tennant Rosamund PikeDavid Tennant [L] and Rosamund Pike [L] in 'What We Did On Our Holiday'

Tennant and Pike play a couple and their young kids who head for the Scottish Highlands to celebrate their grandfathers birthday, all while trying to keep a pretty important secret from the rest of the family. However we soon learn that it's the children - played in steal-stealing form by Amelia Jones and Bobby Smalldridge - who are most likely to let the cat out of the bag.

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Ben Miller - who plays Tennant's character's brother in the movie - recently spoke of his awe for the former Doctor Who, as well as Scottish comedian Connolly.

"David's just an incredible actor, absolutely brilliant," he told Yahoo Movies, "I had lots of rows with him in the film which was great fun and a lot of the film was improvised, which was fun because he's got a really wicked sense of humour, he's really sharp and really quick.

What We Did On Our HolidayThe family in 'What We Did On Our Holidays'

"I loved rowing with David Tennant, it was really good fun because he always had a better comeback than I did - whatever I said, he would top it and that's the kind of argument you want to have, where the other person won't back down. He was just fantastic."

"Billy Connolly is an absolutely amazing person, just extraordinary, so funny, and to be in Scotland with Billy Connolly is probably like David Attenborough being kidnapped by gorillas and being taken to the tree tops in the jungle, it's extraordinary."

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What We Did On Our Holiday is due for release in the UK On September 26, 2014. With only the Jason Bateman comedy This Is Where I Leave You and Denzel Washington thriller The Equalizer to deal with, this one could pull in a good chunk of family fare. 

Watch the trailer for What We Did On Our Holiday: