David Tennant and Rosamund Pike star in the upcoming BBC film, 'What We Did On Our Summer Holiday' from the creators of 'Outnumbered'. And when we say 'Outnumbered' you should know that the film basically just relies on the formula of kids saying funny things because they don’t care about offending people.

What We Did On Our Summer HolidayFamily laughs are what 'What We Did On Our Summer Holiday' are all about

The family comedy drama sees Tenant and Pike as the parents of three outspoken sprogs. They drive up to Scotland - from London or Brighton, probably, considering the kids get Watford confused with the highlands – to visit Billy Connolly (granddad). 

Of course, when they arrive, their kids start spurting out what everyone’s thinking, causing some uncomfortable silences and the perennial joke: ‘kids are a bit funny’. The writers and directors are Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton - from ‘Outnumbered’ remember. Producer is Origin Pictures with backers including BBC Films and Creative Scotland.

Watch the trailer for 'What We Did On Our Summer Holiday' here

Now that Tyger Drew Honey, Daniel Roche and Ramona Marquez are all grown up, it fell to Jenkin and Hamilton to come up with another trio of annoyingly talented youngsters, and they seem to have done so with Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge and Harriet Turnbull, the three little fellas starring in What We Did On Our Summer Holiday

Andrew Orr commented of the film: “What We Did on Our Holiday is both extremely funny and very charming. I think it says something about the film’s universality that it is being picked up by top tier distributors in some quite diverse territories. It’s the perfect heart-warming comedy for these chastened times”.   

David Tenant and Rosamund Pike

Described as “a heart-warming, uplifting comedy for all the family,” by the BBC, What We Did On Our Summer Holiday will be released on September 26th 2014