Davina Mccall will levitate outside the 'Big Brother' house tomorrow (06.08.10).

In a twist to the 'What The Dickens?' shopping task - with the housemates carrying out various Charles Dickens-themed tests - Mario was named David Copperfield, but plays the US illusionist rather than the literary character and must make the live show's presenter float in the air to pass his part.

A source said: "Davina is in his hands. Let's hope he doesn't drop her."

Meanwhile, rehearsals for a group dance to 'Consider Yourself' from the musical 'Oliver!' brought about another row between Josie and Sam.

The graffiti artist had taken charge of choreographing the routine as he previously auditioned for 'Oliver!' and was unhappy with the sales rep's timing.

Josie later said: "I'm really trying to bite my tongue so badly it's unreal. Out there I could give him a backhand if he's out of line. In here I can't do anything. I want to take his glasses and break them."

However, JJ and Andrew insisted Sam hadn't deliberately attacked her but just wanted to do well on the task.

Housemates must get 100,000 hits on YouTube by the end of the week to pass the task.