The DJ was closing the second day of the three-day bash on Randall's Island, but his show got off to a slow start after power issues caused the sound to repeatedly splutter and cut out.

The crowd began to grow unruly, prompting Deadmau5 to stop the performance and remove his trademark oversized mouse head to shout at his onstage crew.

He decided to entertain the crowds by doing a few push-ups until the power was restored, and he was back behind the boards just moments later to continue the party with tracks like Ghosts n Stuff, The Veldt, and Strobe.

His representatives released a statement after the gig, explaining, "During deadmau5 closing set tonight at Governors Ball there was a pause in the performance due to a power issue. Governors Ball and deadmau5 team worked quickly to rectify the situation and the show resumed."

Deadmau5 later took to Twitter to vent about the problem to fans, blaming the technical mess on an inexperienced engineer.

He wrote, "Rehearse all you want, you're still at the mercy at the f**kup who doesn't know how 3 phase power works. Lol (laugh out loud). Amazing recovery tho (sic)! Yeah, they unf**k it eventually. Some gear got f**ked over, but at least I still had some other s**t to get by with... Either way... Even with the shaky start, was a great time. good to see ya NYC (sic)."

The booming bass from his show appeared to cause a disruption to fellow performer Ryan Adams, who played on the festival's second stage.

Complaining about the loud noise to fans, Adams took aim at Deadmau5 and electronic music by ranting, "Try to make this song on your f**king iPhone. This song is not going to match the robot music over there... It's like we're living in a f**king Terminator nightmare!"

Deadmau5 brushed off the comments on Twitter in the early hours of Sunday (07Jun15), writing, "I guess Ryan Adams wasn't feeling it. No biggie. Sorry for bass? Whatever. Nice seeing you again too. *shrug* back to my iPod."

Drake headlined Friday's (05Jun15) show, while The Black Keys will close out the annual festival on Sunday (07Jun15).