Debbie Harry was always a sex symbol.

The Blondie singer admits her mother was worried about her from a young age because men found her attractive but she has never shied away from the attention.

The 69-year-old star said: ''Even as a little girl, I attracted sexual attention. My mother used to be very concerned about it. But for good or for bad, I never felt compelled to hide my sexuality.''

Debbie also claims she used to be a ''poet groupie'' who used to be fascinated by Gregory Corso, even though she was ''terribly afraid'' of him.

She said: ''The poet Gregory Corso used to hang out on East Seventh Street between Avenues A and B, and he was such a flirt! I was terribly afraid of him, because he was so forward. But he was a brilliant poet, so I would dare myself to walk down that block because I had a weird temptation to see him. I guess I was sort of a poet groupie.''

The 'Heart of Glass' hitmaker never felt the urge to settle down because the idea of marriage makes her feel ''uncomfortable''.

She said: ''Perhaps I was ahead of my time in terms of women's consciousness. In those days, the wedding vows were 'Love, honor, and obey,' and I felt that I had more to offer in a partnership. I wasn't thinking in terms of morals or anything grand; I just felt uncomfortable with it.''

And the legendary singer thinks she has become more conservative in recent years.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''I don't know if I'm the risk taker I once was. But I've always been determined not to accept the status quo. Had I settled down for any other life, I would've been unhappy. I didn't really have a choice.''