Debbie Reynolds has lifted the lid on the sordid side of Hollywood in a new tell-all book.

The Singin' in the Rain star is poised to release Unsinkable: A Memoir as the follow-up to her 1988 autobiography, Debbie: My Life, and she insists the new book is a much more candid account of her life.

Reynolds has included several shocking stories in the tome, including a saucy anecdote about late actress Shelley Winters, and admits she now feels able to tell controversial stories about her former Hollywood peers because most of them have since passed away.

She tells the New York Post, "This book took a year to do. I'm a frank lady. When I was younger I wouldn't discuss what I know. But... now... I'm pushing it. Besides, everyone's gone. Like really wild Shelley Winters. I was 18. A party in Malibu. Guests like Jennifer Jones, Hugh O'Brian, Shelley wearing a big skirt. As she sat, the thing spread. Two young boys were under it. Servicing her. Making her happy. I couldn't imagine anyone doing that in the middle of a room."

The book is released in April (13), shortly after Reynolds' upcoming 81st birthday on Monday (01Apr13).