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27th March 2017

Quote: "I felt like I could've saved Carrie, because I saved her life once before. We shouldn't be here so soon in our lives. I once saved her life, applying the Heimlich (manoeuvre) to dislodge a brussels sprout from her throat. If I'd been with our beloved showboat, I might have been able to save her again." An emotional Dan Aykroyd recalled in a eulogy at Carrie Fisher's memorial service how he once saved her life.

5th January 2017

Fact: Broadway bosses will dim the lights on their theatre marquees on Friday (06Jan17) to honour the memories of late stage and screen stars Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The Star Wars actress died on 27 December (16), shortly after suffering a heart attack, while her mother followed her to the grave just one day later (28Dec16).

26th December 2016

Quote: "Carrie is in stable condition. If there is a change,we will share it. For all her fans & friends. I thank you for your prayers & good wishes." Movie veteran Debbie Reynolds assures fans her daughter Carrie Fisher is doing OK after her pre-Christmas heart attack.

27th August 2015

Fact: Director Spike Lee and actresses Debbie Reynolds and Gena Rowlands will be honoured at the 2015 Governors Awards in Hollywood later this year (15). Lee and Rowland will be feted with Honorary Awards, while Reynolds will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award on 14 November (15). The last 10 recipients of the Jean Hersholt Award have included Paul Newman, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie and Harry Belafonte.

8th May 2014

Quote: "Carrie worked very hard for this role... She left for England looking and feeling wonderful... Carrie is very excited and happy to revisit the character that is her most famous role. I'm so proud of her, as always. I can't wait to see the movie." Carrie Fisher's mum Debbie Reynolds is thrilled her daughter has returned to the Star Wars franchise for the much-anticipated Episode Vii. She'll reprise her role as Princess Leia from the first three films in the sequel.

28th September 2012

Quote: "He was a classic in real life, he was a gentleman and he was a fine human being. He was a friend to all, and everyone that knew him loved him. He shall never be forgotten and his voice will never, ever be forgotten. I don't think that you can ever take away the best and he was the best. Everyone that knew Andy loved Andy. They loved his voice and they loved him personally." Veteran singer/actress Debbie Reynolds remembers her late pal Andy Williams following his death on Tuesday (25Sep12).

14th June 2012

Fact: Movie veteran Debbie Reynolds has signed on to play Liberace's mother in a biopic about the flamboyant pianist. Michael Douglas will play Liberace in the TV movie. Dan Aykroyd and Matt Damon will also be part of the cast.

16th February 2011

Fact: Mother and daughter Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher made history on the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW on Tuesday (15Feb11) when they performed together for the first time. The pair ripped through segments of standards You Made Me Love You and Happy Days Are Here Again to end a revealing hour on the programme, during which they talked about their relationship and Fisher's ongoing battle with depression.

7th January 2011

Quote: "I've given up. I've changed my mind, I don't really want anymore (marriages) but I'm not lonely. It's one thing to be alone. I live alone, but I'm not lonely." Veteran actress Debbie Reynolds is done looking for love after her three failed marriages to Eddie Fisher, Harry Karl and Richard Hamlett.

23rd December 2010

Quote: "They didn't ask me, or I would have gone over. I still have my old umbrella." Movie star Debbie Reynolds would have loved to be a part of Gwyneth Paltrow's Glee tribute to her hit film Singin' In The Rain.

5th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I don't really watch reality shows. I live next door to my mother, so that's a reality show." Carrie Fisher on living next door to her mother Debbie Reynolds. </p>

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