A week after her suicide ordeal, Paris Jackson has begun recovering from her wounds and is currently still resting at hospital, waiting to be released from observation at some point this week or next. After the strenuous ordeal she has been through there could have been even more stress thrown her way had her mother and grandmother decided to go to court to fight for custody over the 15-year-old, however the two women have remained civil in Paris' time of need and Debbie has since revealed that she is happy for Paris to remain under the care of Katherine.

Paris had been planning on spending most of the summer months living at her mother's ranch in Southern California, and it looks ike this will continue to go ahead, however she will still be legally under the care of her grandmother and will be returning back to the Jackson family household once summer is over. According to TMZ, a family source has revealed that Debbie is ready to step in and help out whenever she is needed but feels that despite what happened under her grandmother's supervision last week, her daughter is still in safe hands.

After the failed attempt to take her life, a judge ordered for a probe in Paris' welfare to be taken to determine whether the Jackson household is a safe one to be growing up in. Under the wishes of Michael Jackson in his will, Katherine is to be the child's guardian for as long as she is able, and both she and Debbie want to respect the wishes of the late King of Pop, with Debbie only willing to intervene if Katherine is forced out of taking care of the children.

Paris may still not end up at her mother's this summer anyway, all this depends on when she recovers and is released from hospital and whether doctors and psychologists deem PAris fit enough to move away for the summer.

Paris Jackson Instagram
Paris had been spending a lot of time with her mther before her suicide-attempt

Debbie Rowe
The mother and daughter have been spending alot of time together