Paris Jackson has been in the news a lot lately over her suicide attempt and problematic career choices. The teen’s career in particular is currently being managed by one of her guardians – Paris’ grandmother, Katherine Jackson. Paris’ other guardian is TJ Jackson, but according to TMZ, TJ’s role in Paris’ welfare is on paper more than anything else.

But the troubled teen apparently has another option now – having her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, as her guardian. This option is reportedly being considered in light of Paris and Debbie’s deepening relationship. Back in 2009, when the guardianship hearing was initially held after Michael Jackson’s death, Rowe never actually waived her custody rights. Given this fact, as well as Paris’s deepening relationship with her mother of late, it is not unlikely that the court may grant Rowe the custody rights, instead of Katherine Jackson.

According to TMZ, this scenario is made even more likely by the fact that Paris is becoming increasingly distant from her grandmother. If the 15-year-old herself says that she would prefer to live with her mother instead, which is looking increasingly likely, the court will respect her decision. In short, the biological mother, with a meaningful relationship with the child is always the preferred candidate for custody rights. More on the story as it unfolds.

Paris Jackson, Twitter Photo
Recent events in Paris's life may warrant the change of quardian.

Debbie Rowe, Palmdale, California
Paris and Debbie's relationship has been improving lately.