Delta Goodrem is ''tying a little bow'' on her comeback album.

The 30-year-old stunner has been working on her fifth studio record that includes her recent single 'Wings' - which topped the charts in Australia - and can't wait to wrap it up but revealed joining the cast of 'Cats The Musical' in Australia threw a spanner in the works for the record's title.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Delta revealed: ''I'm tying a little bow on it at the moment. While I'm doing 'Cats' I'll absolutely finish up recording it. Make sure every snare hit and every single guitar line and every single piano riff is all in alignment ... Going into 'Cats' was so crazy, way before I was offered this role by the Andrew Lloyd Webber team, I had called my record 'Feline'. I'm not calling it that now but I had called it that for ages.''

Meanwhile, the beauty - who judges on the Australian version of 'The Voice' - says she's been musing on what to do with the next decade of her life.

And asked whether she'll sign up for a fifth season of the talent show after her much publicised spat with fellow judge Jessie J, Delta confessed she's still ''working it out''.

She shared: ''I'm just working it out. I mean it's definitely soon (to decide), I've gotta go back and do 'Cats', so that's the next project in my life.''

Speaking about her music, she continued: ''I feel like I've done a full circle and I've gone back to the beginning. I fell back in love with classical pop, with the piano, and I really did, I fell back in love with the instruments. Even though I've always been doing it and back home I've been doing my thing and releasing my records, there was something about the start of the year. And after I turned 30, what is it that I actually want out of life? How do I want to spend my next 10 years?''