Despite Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus both finding fame at a young age on the Disney Channel for having starring roles in 'Camp Rock' and 'Hannah Montana,' as they don't appear to share any similar interests.

Demi Lovato
Lovato says doesn't "have anything in common" with Cyrus

Although the 22-year-old pop stars used to be BFF's, Lovato recently revealed she has no desire to stay friends with Cyrus while answering questions asked by fans on Boston's The TJ Show on Monday, (Nov 24th).

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During the interview, the 'Heart Attack' singer seemed to become every uncomfortable when a caller asked for an update on the status her and Cyrus' relationship. After a brief pause, she responded, "Um...yeah...that, um...we're, we're like... We're acquaintances."

Lovato then attempted to clarify why she and the 'We Can't Stop' singer are no longer close pals. "Yeah, it's life and people change," she said. "And you, know, I don't have anything in common with her anymore, and I wish her all the best."

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Lovato didn't really elaborate any further, but their friendship may be over due to Cyrus accepting her high-profile fame, and earning a controversial reputation of being a party girl. Whereas the former 'X Factor' judge has always kept a rather low profile in Hollywood, and only hours after the radio show appearance, she tweeted, "I feel like I don't fit in with Hollyweird at all and I'm actually kind of proud/happy about that."

Miley Cyrus
Cyrus is more well known for her wild and party lifestyle

This isn't the first time Lovato has commented on Cryus' changing ways, in November 2013 she spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the 'Wrecking Ball' singer's frequent wild antics. "She's having fun and figuring out who she is, and this is the age when that happens," Lovato said. "I think that. [long pause and a smile] she's doing her own thing. Good for her."