Demi Lovato gets her hair style inspiration from Pinterest.

The 21-year-old singer - who currently sports lavender and silver ombré-coloured locks - gets her ideas for her vibrant styles from the website, which allows users to post photographs and pictures they like to a virtual pin board.

When asked what colour she was going to dye her hair next, Demi told E! News: ''I was kind of bored of the colours that I've had and I wanted something that wasn't as like out there as hot pink. So I changed it. I love lavender and I thought silver could be really cool, too.

''I love going on Pinterest and looking at different hair colours. Whenever I see like a cool colour I sit with it for a little bit, and if it's really, really good then I'll get it.''

The 'Heart Attack' hitmaker - who was recently announced as the new face of Skechers footwear - claims she constantly gets fed up of having the same look for too long and has tried colours including bubblegum pink and teal-green.

Unsurprisingly, Demi - who is dating 'That 70s Show' actor Wilmer Valderrama - also admitted that it won't be long until she visits the hairdressers again.

The former 'X Factor USA' judge said: ''I really want to do just a solid colour, no ombré. But the second I do that I'm probably going to want the ombré back with some crazy colour. Or the second I do that I'll want to go blonde!''