Demi Lovato has sold her Hollywood Hills home at a loss for $8.25 million.

The 27-year-old pop star put the 5,600 sq ft mansion up for sale, having bought the house in September 2016 for $8.3 million.

And now, records show she has finally managed to sell the property, but at a significant loss.

The 'I'm Ready' singer had originally asked for $9.495 million for the mansion where she suffered a near-fatal overdose in July 2018, but she dropped the price to $8.995 million in 2019.

The luxurious abode boasts seven bathrooms, an outdoor swimming pool and offers views of the mountainous Laurel Canyon neighbourhood.

The spectacular property also features a games room and a wet bar.

Meanwhile, Demi recently admitted she's ''really used'' to self-isolation because of her time in rehab.

The 'Sorry Not Sorry' hitmaker spent time in a rehabilitation facility after her overdose and admitted lockdown life during the coronavirus pandemic is pretty similar.

She said: ''What's funny is, one, I'm a homebody because I don't love fame. I love being able to reach a lot of people with my music and help them. And I love being able to use my platform for the greater good. But when it comes to paparazzi or getting recognised, things like that, that's just not a part that I really enjoy, so I stay home anyways.

''I'm a homebody. I'm much more used to self-isolation, but I'm also really used to it because I was joking with some friends that I met in treatment.

''I was like, 'This just feels like rehab.' You're on lockdown at a facility, which most of the time was like a house-looking place or they've got beds, except in rehab you don't get TV or your phone, so this is luxurious.''